SAP QM Interface

We have a solution to automatically import sample meta data from SAP QM into a Chromeleon 6.8 sequence
and to export after data acquisition eg. with a signature step the sample results back to SAP QM for further elaboration and storage.

The interface for SAP was developed for Chromeleon 6.8 and is still productive in various sites. Development for Chromeleon 7.2 is not yet planned, but we will begin with corresponding requirements.
The interface is relatively independent of the SAP version. In Chromeleon, it searches for defined values of a sequence and loads them onto a server using SFTP. An interface starts regularly from SAP, which checks whether new values have arrived and processes them even in some cases with automatic batch release. A large part of the work is the configuration within SAP.



This solution prevents typing mistakes and saves laboratory specialists time for higher added value tasks.


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